Course Overview: Construction

Wjec Constructing and The Built Environment level 1/2 Award.

Constructing the Built Environment Level 1 / 2 Award (QAN - 601/0543/4) is designed to support learners in developing an awareness of construction. It mainly supports learners in schools and colleges who want to learn about the construction industry from the build perspective. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector and the types of career opportunities available.

This is a hands on practical course but it does still have some written assessment.

Course Components

The award is made up of three units:

  1. Practical construction ( 50%); pupils will learn how to carry out a variety of construction tasks, these include Carpentry, Tiling and Electrical work. Pupils will also carry out a small amount of practical plumbing.

After practicing these skills in year 10 pupils will carry out three practical pieces of work which will be marked. These pieces include:

Wiring a single switch to a single bulb.
Tiling a 1 m2 area.
Making a complete window frame.

Once complete students will write up a description of how they have completed their work.

  1. Designing and construction (25%); during this unit pupils will be asked to plan a build of a small building. They will be asked to cost the project and plan the build in the correct order.

  2. Health and Safety in Construction (25%); Pupils will take a 1 hour on-line exam in year 10. This exam will test them on the role of Health and Safety in the construction Industry.

Course Information

Course Name: Constructing The Built Environment
Qualification Type: Level 1/2 Award
Awarding Body: WJEC
Qualification code: 601/0543/4

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