Business and Communications Systems

Course Overview: Business and Communication Systems

GCSE Business and Communication Systems teaches students the fundamental principles of business and the communication methods to operate effectively. GCSE BACS allows students to gain a valuable insight into the world of work with case study based projects, a controlled assessment as well as both practical and theory based examinations. The course furnishes students with the knowledge and understanding that will adequately prepare them for the world of work for a variety of occupations in both the private and public business sectors.

Course Components

Unit 8 - ICT Systems in Business (40% of final GCSE)

This unit introduces students to the importance of business and communication systems, which contribute to the success of a business, in achieving its objectives. In particular, students will consider how ICT systems affect the way people work and how they can potentially improve communication both internally and externally. Students will be encouraged to consider not only the benefits of ICT in the workplace, but also the potential risks relating to the health and safety of staff and the security of data.

Unit 9 - Using ICT in Business (35% of final GCSE)

This unit introduces students to a range of software applications used to support each function of a business. It helps students to understand how a business can use software to capture, store, retrieve and analyse data. Students will become proficient in the use of industry-based software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint within a business context.

Unit 10 - Investigating ICT in Business (25% of final GCSE)

This unit is a controlled assessment and assesses the subject content in Unit 9 Using ICT in Business. Students are required to undertake an investigation into the use of ICT in business and a practical exercise. All tasks will be set by examination board and will be replaced each year. Students will have 8 hours to research and prepare for the assessment thoroughly before writing up their findings and producing the necessary documents under controlled conditions.

Course Information

Course Name: Business and Communication Systems
Qualification Type: GCSE
Awarding Body: AQA
Specification Code: 4134

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